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An app that helps manage curly hair


Luvly Curly


The idea of the app came from my personal experience as a curly girl.  I have really curly hair and I have always had difficulty managing it. I used to manage my hair by using relaxers and going to the salon to straighten it, but I always wanted to know how to take care of my curly hair and be able to wear it naturally.


Unfortunately, there seems to be a lack of information on curly hair management, including a localized resource to understand how to manage curly hair. So I went on a curly hair journey where I found out my type of curly, which is (3B), what products to use, and what routine would best fit. It took me a lot of time and research to finally be able to understand my hair and manage it in order to be able to wear my hair naturally.  As a part of my UX/UI certification course at Columbia University, I was inspired to create an app that could help women manage their curly hair. 

Luvly Curly: An app for curly hair maintenance 

My Role

Three UX Designers during the Columbia UXUI Certification course

Project Timeline

3 weeks

 UX Research, content strategy, and ideation.

People with curly hair have a hard time accessing resources and products tailored to curly hair types and an understanding of how to manage their hair. 
How might we bridge the knowledge gap so that people with curly hair can learn to manage their hair and receive recommendations on hair products?

 User Research


In the research phase, we interviewed 5 people and surveyed 30 women with curly hair to further understand their pain points. From our research, we were able to come up with three insights:

First Insight

From the survey, we figured out that 20 percent out of 30 women did not know what their curly hair type was. This was crucial information because it meant that many women lacked information about their curly hair type, which would make it harder for women to understand how to properly manage their hair. 


As a result, we wanted to inform users of their hair type using a curly hair quiz. 


This is a graphic that shows the various hair types that are essential to take care of curly hair

Second Insight

From the interview results, we realized that users had a hard time finding a centralized place to find out about their hair.


Luvly Curly can be a convenient place where users can find out all the information they need about their hair

Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 7.20.36 PM.png

These charts show our results. 20% of women did not know their curly hair type as well as there was not a centralized place to find out information about curly hair.

Third Insight

From the interview results, we realized that users had to figure out what are the best products to use for their hair.


We wanted to recommend our users to some products according to their results from the hair quiz.

Group 6863 (1).png

Definition and Synthesis

Based on our data, we created a user persona with goals such as access to personalized information and pain points such as hair management taking too long. We interviewed 5 people with curly hair, and we found various similarities between the interviews which led to some key insights such as women with curly hair need recommendations for affordable hair products and assistance with hair management.


We conducted 4 competitor analyses of other curly hair apps and came to the conclusion that there currently isn't any app in the market that helps women understand their specific hair type and gives them customized information with routine and product recommendations.

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 1.54.02 PM.png


We did a feature prioritization and found out that the features with the most impact and lowest complexity are a hair type quiz, routine suggestions, and product recommendations, which are all features that were added to the app.

Team 7 - Frame 1 (1).jpg

Link to User Flow


Low-fi Prototype

The user flow of our app includes a curly hair survey in order to inform users of their hair type and recommended products as well as personalized hair care routine.


Hi-fi Prototype

For the hi-fidelity, we created icons so that the user can visualize each question for the user. 

Hair Goals

In order for the user to get personalized recommendations, we asked the user to select two hair goals. We use the hair goals to recommend the right products and hair routines for the user.

Selection Page

In this example, the user selected curl definition and hair moisture as their two hair goals.

Results Page

This is the results page which includes the hair type, suggested routine and also recommended products 

Product Review Page

This is a product page where users can further see product reviews and directly purchase the products.

Measuring Success

  • Since this was a conceptual project, I would measure success by the amount of acquisition and retention of the app

  • I would collect data on any drop-off rate during the curly app quiz and figure out how to improve the flow of the app

  • This case moves a user through the end goal of understanding their hair and being able to find a personalized hair care routine as well as recommend products. This app can help businesses raise revenue by promoting their products through the product recommendation feature.

Next Steps

  • In the future, we would like to incorporate alerts for the hair routine and incorporate a function to try on hair colors and styles. Also, to include a way for people in the curly-haired community to talk to each other. 

  • We would add salon recommendations tailored to each hair type

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