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About Me

I am remarkable because... I am  Dominican American from Washington Heights, a first generation college graduate who transitioned into UX Design and successfully adapted into the work culture at Google while leveraging my background to provide the team with a unique perspective on finance, autos and UX.

My Background

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  • Graduated from Brandeis University with a BA in Sociology

  • Transitioned from a pre-law career to UX design

  • Completed a UXUI Certification at Columbia University

  • Completed the Google UX Design Certificate

  •  Recently completed a UX Design Apprentice for Google Finance! This is a 20-month program on-site immersive program to develop UX & UXR skills.



Google Finance & Autos

  • Created and presented a heuristic analysis of Google Finance to the UX design team.

  •  Collaborated with engineering and a program manager to design Finance Bubbles, a feature for android and Custom Date Picker, another feature for web and mobile.

  • Led two UXR studies for two major finance feature for Google Finance.

  • Conducted a competitive analysis and redesigned the google auto sheet on the google search page

  • Finished the Google UX Design certificate course along with various homework assignments.

First day at the office .jpeg

How did I get into UX?

  •  I am a naturally curious designer and analytical creative problem-solver who desires to humanize technology for the user.   

  • These characteristics align with the qualities that are needed to be a great UX designer, and it became clear that my life direction was to become a UX/UI designer.

  • For more information on my journey, here is an article published by the Columbia University UXUI certification course.

  • Check out this newsletter from high school

My Strengths

  • ambition, dedication, curiosity, and hustle.

  • Despite not having any previous design experience, I was able to graduate as the salutatorian of my UX/UI Certification course at Columbia University.

  • I also got accepted into the first cohort for the UX Design apprenticeship at Google.  I was able to successfully adapt into the work culture at Google while learning both about Finance and UX at the same time.

My Hobbies

Bachata Dancing

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On my free time, I love to dance Bachata. Bachata is a social dance that originated from the Dominican Republic; my parents are from the Dominican Republic and I grew up in Washington Heights so I grew up dancing bachata. I am a proud Dominican American and dancing bachata is my creative outlet and a way to connect to my cultural roots.


Contact Me

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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