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Street art is one of the fastest growing art scenes and CANVS wants to make it easier for people to discover street art around their neighborhood. Street art is important because it is a vessel that can make a space more lively, which can bring character to a neighborhood and unite people. Street art transforms neighborhoods into colorful and happier places and is an important part of the identity of a neighborhood. It allows for people to express themselves artistically and express different viewpoints. 

The CANVS start-up aims to connect people with street art through technology. The CANVS app is an interactive app that allows users to find murals nearby. It's the largest mural database, and it is based in New York City and New Jersey. 


I was tasked with adding a feature in the app that would help different organizations such as the Jersey Mural Arts Program be able to add murals directly into the app. I am currently working directly with the CEO to conduct user research in order to figure out a way to improve the retention and the acquisition of the app.


The CEO saw that this was in demand because he realized that many organizations were adding murals to the database, and he wanted to add an incentive for them to keep doing that by adding a feature where people can follow organizations and know when they post a mural.

Lo-Fidelity Wireframe


Hi-Fidelity Wireframe


Users can click on the organization which will then lead to the next screen where they can find all the murals that the organization has uploaded to the CANVS app. The CEO realized that it would be helpful for users to be able to keep up to date with various organization that are also contributing to the CANVS app.



Target Users

The CEO and I are currently working on user research to validate the current user proto-personas on CANVS. The users that we are researching are under the umbrella of the public. They are the casuals,  cool chasers and mural hunters.


casually look and take pictures of street art

Cool Chasers

people who like to chase cool things like street art.

Mural Hunters

purposefully hunt down murals and view it as a hobby.

Mask Group-1.png
Mask Group.png
Mask Group-2.png


I went to a street art festival in Jersey City, which is a festival where multiple street artists display their art while the public can go see the different murals. I was able to observe how people see different art and also their view on street art. I observed that generally people who interact with street art tend to be older than 30 years old.


The app is not engaging enough for users which causes a loss of retention. How might we gamify the CANVS app in order to retain more users?

Potential Solutions

  • CANVS can incentivize users to hunt for a mural by creating a point system where users can collect points for each mural they visit and redeem them for different art pieces

  • Users can photograph themselves with their favorite art pieces, and they can be featured on the CANVS app

  • CANVS can host online trivia and also scavenger hunts 

  • CANVS can input some alerts for users to know more about street art festivals

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