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Voices of Hope

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Project Type

Non-profit Website Redesign

Project Timeline

3 weeks

My Role

UX Designer; I worked with three other classmates and participated in the research, ideation, and iteration phase.

Software Used

Figma, Miro

How It All Started

For our non-profit website redesign, we decided to choose Voices of Hope, a non-profit organization aimed at helping victims of domestic violence gain access to resources efficiently. My team and I redesign their website in order to make features such as a quick exit button, a hotline number and a safety quiz quickly accessible for the users.

User Research 

We decided to interview two social workers who worked directly with victims of domestic violence. Due to the sensitive nature of the topic, our group was not able to interview victims of domestic violence. From these two interview, we were able to gain valuable insights such as the user should have access to a way to quickly and discretely leave the website and that users perfer to get help from a hotline, In addition to these interview we also did some surveys.

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Definition Phase

In the definition phase, we created an I like, I wish and whit if diagram. From that information, we created a prioiritization map. We decided that the features with the lowest complexity and the highest impact were a safety quiz, a quick exit button and the hotline number.

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Low Fidelity Mobile and Web

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High-Fidelity Mobile and Web

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HOMEPAGE - without notification.png

In the future we would like to add a message feature where users will be able to to get help online through text messages. 

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