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Budget Buddy: An app to help college students who are studying abroad budget

Ana Chavez in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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**A case study that was a part of my UX/UI Certification at Columbia**
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User Research

I interviewed 5 students who studied abroad in college and collectes surveys from 12 students. From this survey data, 67% agreed that having a budgeting application would be useful in an app. Another 33% strongly greed as well. From the interviews, I learned that the main painpoint for college students was budgeting.

Definition and Synthesis

This led the insight that college students traveling abroad need to find better ways to manage their money because they want to feel financially secure and be able to take on more traveling opportunities. Problem statement: We have observed that college students traveling abroad are having difficulty with budgeting which is causing financial stress and loss of traveling opportunities. How might we create an app that supports college students traveling abroad to manage their money more efficiently so they can feel more financially secure? Value Proposition: We are developing an app called Budget Buddy to help college students while they are traveling abroad to solve their budgeting problems. We’re better because we are going to help college students feel more confident about their budget by helping them understand the currency exchange between different countries, the average living expenses in an area for a given amount of time, and how to adequately administer money to optimize saving for the future. We’re believable because we have researched and interviewed various students who have gone abroad and have expressed that their main pain point was financial instability and we aim to help college students manage their money better. Come on and let’s budget with your buddy!


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