About Me

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My Background

Hi, I’m a UX Designer who graduated from Brandeis University who is creative, analytical, empathetic and of course, naturally curious. I am currently UX Design Apprentice for Google Finance! This is a 20-month program dedicated to training individuals who want to break into the UX industry. To date, I have created and presented a heuristic analysis of Google Finance to the UX design team. I am currently collaborating with engineering and a program manager to design a feature for android.


I also completed a UX/UI certificate program at Columbia University where I honed my skills in user research, ideation, prototype, and testing. I decided to transition into UX/UI because I knew that I wanted a job that would allow me to be curious, creative, and solve problems, and UI/UX was the answer! 

How did I get into UX?

As a UX/UI designer, our job is to question things and be curious. I would classify myself as a naturally curious designer and empathetic creative problem-solver who desires to humanize technology for the user.  As a naturally curious person, I always ask questions about every aspect of life, so I can create technology that serves others. I am also eager to learn as much as possible about how I can improve as a designer and as a person. As an empathetic person, I take time to be thoughtful and do what's right to design for the needs of the user. As a problem solver, I can think outside the box to find different solutions to problems that may arise. Coincidentally, all of these characteristics align with the qualities that are needed to be a great UX designer, and it became clear that my life direction was to become a UX/UI designer. For more information on my journey, here is an article published by the Columbia University UXUI certification course.

My Strengths

I am known for my ambition, dedication, curiosity, and my hustle. Despite not having any previous design experience, I was able to graduate as the salutatorian of my UX/UI Certification course at Columbia University.  I am always hungry to learn and get better. 

“Ana's enthusiasm, strong work ethic and hunger to learn is contagious and beyond inspirational. ”

- Ralph Andre, Founder and Creative Director of CANVS

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Personal Life and Hobbies 

On my free time, I love to dance Bachata. I believe dancing is my creative outlet as well and my passion. I am also a curly hair enthusiast, and I am interested in photography and modeling.

Contact Me

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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