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My Background

Hi, I’m a UX Designer who graduated from Brandeis University who is creative, analytical, empathetic and of course, naturally curious. I in turn have recently completed a UX/UI certificate program at Columbia University where I honed my skills in user research, ideation, prototype, and testing. I decided to transition into UX/UI because I knew that I wanted a job that would allow me to be curious, creative, and solve problems and UI/UX was the answer! 

I am a UX Design Apprentice at Google! This is a 20-month program dedicated to training individuals who want to break into the UX industry. I will be a part of the finance team where I will work on improving the user experience of Google Finance.

As a UX Volunteer for the CHAD Foundation, I am collaborating with a creative director to redesign the foundation’s website to increase target users convincing them to donate and volunteer. 


As a Junior UX Designer for CANVS, I am working directly with the creative director to improve the CANVS website and app. I am also working on adding a feature for organizations to improve retention and acquisition and conducting research on gamification for the CANVS App.

As a Junior UX Designer and Digital Marketing Associate at Queer Global, I create captivating social media posts and email campaigns to promote events and establish a following. I also work in a 4-person UX design team to redesign the non-profit website and increase traction for target users. To-date, we have conducted surveys and held multiple interviews, analyzed survey results and defined the current pain points, created personas, crafted the desired user journey, established the new brand and expression, and are in the process of sketching and wire framing the priority pages.

“Ana - The Research-based Idealist. Full of clever ideas powered by a strong intuition. Her brain is our very own encyclopedia, containing all the research and findings from our survey and interviews. Will ensure all interview and test feedback is incorporated across the site. Will conduct strategic review sessions that look at a single design from numerous different angles. ”

- Jenna Bradford, UI/UX Designer for Falkon Technologies | UX Designer for Queer Global

How did I get into UX?

As a UX/UI designer, our job is to question things and be curious. I would classify myself as a naturally curious designer and empathetic creative problem-solver who desires to humanize technology for the user.  As a naturally curious person, I always ask questions about every aspect of life, so I can create technology that serves others. I am also eager to learn as much as possible about how I can improve as a designer and as a person. As an empathetic person, I take time to be thoughtful and do what's right to design for the needs of the user. As a problem solver, I can think outside the box to find different solutions to problems that may arise. Coincidentally, all of these characteristics align with the qualities that are needed to be a great UX designer, and it became clear that my life direction was to become a UX/UI designer. For more information on my journey, here is an article published by the Columbia University UXUI certification course.

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Why are you interested in starting a career in UX Design?

Attending Brandeis University was everything I was looking for in a university program with their emphasis on equity and social justice which really spoke to my empathetic nature and desire to bring equity to society. 


Even though at the time I did not know about UX/UI, the research I conducted in university was preparing me for a career in UX research or UX/UI without even knowing it! I majored in Sociology because I was genuinely interested in how people think and how their background, context affects their behavior and their place in society.  When I discovered UX research after college, I felt an instant connection with a career that focuses on empathizing with the user to understand their perspective, and also find their motivation for their actions, so I could use this information to improve digital products with the user's needs in mind.

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My Strengths

I am known for my ambition, dedication, curiosity, my hustle and my strong sense of empathy. Despite not having any previous design experience, I was able to graduate as the salutatorian of my UX/UI Certification course at Columbia University.  I am always hungry to learn and get better. 

“Ana's enthusiasm, strong work ethic and hunger to learn is contagious and beyond inspirational. ”

- Ralph Andre, Founder and Creative Director of CANVS

Personal Life and Hobbies 

On my free time, I love to dance Bachata. I believe dancing is my creative outlet as well and my passion. I am also a curly hair enthusiast, and I am interested in photography and modeling.

Ana dancing bachata
Ana dancing bachata

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