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Ana Chávez


I'm a UX Designer based in NYC who is naturally curious and analytical about solving problems to create social impact and empower others. Previously designed at Google.


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Real Time Stock Tracker


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Customize Financial Charts


Webpage Redesign


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Redesigning the Google Discovery page.



Website Redesign

The CHAD Foundation


Curly Hair App

UX UI Certificate


"Ana, it was an absolute privilege to have you on our team. 


I've been so impressed with how you've grown as a designer, and how you've been able to directly impact exciting new features for our users (I cannot *wait* for finance bubbles to go fully live!). 

Your presence in critique & studio sessions has been a delight - your questions & feedback has been insightful and helpful. I'm very excited about your career & your next steps. 

My manager at Google Finance 

"It's been wonderful to work with you, Ana! Thank you for all of your contributions on Finance Bubbles, and in particular for your patience with the many questions and clarifications from the engineering team and for your research to flesh out the user expectations and use cases for the feature (which will influence other bubbles projects beyond finance!). Best of luck in your next adventure! 

Engineer at Google

"As a client, I am thrilled to have Ana on the team.  She exudes a creative, refreshing vision while still listening attentively and respecting to the client's viewpoint. Ana is thoroughly committed to her work and causes that make the world a better place   Her design, technical prowess, and heart help to put a new face and spirit to The Chad Foundation website.  Thank you, Ana!"   

 Arista, Founder at the CHAD Foundation

"Ana's dedication and ambition are truly inspirational. She is a quick learner, a heard worker, and a pleasure to be around. Her pursuit of excellence as a student has paid off in the form of superb design abilities. There is no doubt in my mind that Ana is destined for success. She would be valuable asset to any team

David Moore, Lead UX Researcher at Google I Lead UX Instructor at Columbia

"Ana's enthusiasm, strong work and hunger to learn is contagious and inspires everyone around her

Ralph Andre, Creative Director and Co-founder of CANVS

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