Hi! I'm Ana 

UX Researcher and Strategist with a foundation in UX UI who is naturally curious about solving problems to create social impact and empower others. 

I am currently UX Design Apprentice at Google in the Finance team. I will be working on improving the user experience of google finance.

Three phone screens of a curly hair app

Creating a curly hair app for curly hair maintenance

Luvly Curly is an app that helps people with curly hair understand and learn about their hair type, receive recommended products, and a customized routine for curly hair maintenance. I led this project, research, and came up with the concept. I am passionate about curly hair and decided to create something that I would've wanted to use as a curly girl.

A laptop and a phone screen of the CHAD Foundation website redesign

Redesigning the Chad Foundation website to increase engagement and donations

The CHAD Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps prevent sudden cardiac death among young athletes. I worked with a creative director to come up with the architecture and navigation and update the visual design to improve the user experience of the website.

Two phone screens of the CANVS App

Increasing engagement by adding an upload feature into the CANVS app

CANVS is a start-up that is developing an app and web experience to connect people to street art for viewing and education. I designed a feature in the app to increase engagement that enables organizations to upload murals for users to view and follow. I am currently doing research on the gamification of the CANVS app.

“Ana's enthusiasm, strong work ethic and hunger to learn is contagious and beyond inspirational. ”

- Ralph Andre, Founder and Creative Director of CANVS

Coming Soon...

Phone screen of Budget Buddy

Creating a budgeting app for college students traveling abroad

Budget Buddy is an app that helps students budget their money while they are abroad by calculating expenses, necessities and savings while taking into consideration the money exchange value in every country traveled.

About Me

Cute Picture of Ana Chavez

My technical skills include Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, Invision and Canva. I am an incoming UX Apprentice at Google. I will be helping to improve the user experience of google finance. 

My strengths lie in analyzing research,  empathizing with users as well as being passionate about understanding the pain points of users and creating ways to solve those problems.


I am currently a Junior UX Design intern at CANVS Street Art, The CHAD Foundation and Queer Global. My hobbies are dancing bachata, doing makeup and hair. I am also interested in modeling.

"Ana's dedication and ambition are truly inspirational. She is a quick learner, a hard worker, and a pleasure to be around. Her pursuit of excellence as a student has paid off in the form of superb design abilities. There is no doubt in my mind that Ana is destined for success. She would be a valuable asset to any team."

-David Moore, Senior UX Researcher at Google | UX Instructor at Columbia University